Near Kozii D.C

This is some of the recommended places you’ll find near Kozii

Walking distance:

Zona Q: One of the most recent Gourmet zones that are the trademark of Bogotá. Around a small park you find a variety of amazing restaurants ( form local food, to asian to peruvian) and is only a minute away from Kozii! How to arrive? Take the 10A carrera going north till you find ” Mi Perú” restaurant, go up that street (to the hills) to find the rest.

Zona G: In only 7 blocks you’ll find over 18 types of food from all over the world. Called G Zone for the variety and quality of its Gourmet food. Located mainly around Carrera 5th from 67 to 74 street, you will also find pubs, cafes, boutique stores of design objects and clothes, you can even find one of the few all english library in Bogotá: Authors (Calle 70 No. 5-23). To arrive form Kozii D.C take 67th street up to the hills, then go north in 5th street.

Pink zone (Zona T): A traditional gathering point in the city nights, specially around two pedestrian streets called T Zone. Here you’ll find Gourmet restaurants, the best in the city, pubs, cafes and discos. Surrounded by a huge commercial offering, the stores of some of the main colombian designers and three malls. From Kozii by foot, go to 11th Street (a block away) and walk to the north until you find Andino Mall.

For people that want more healthy alternatives, Bogotá offers a mature vegetarian scene, with some of the best offers near Kozii:

La Esquina Vegetariana (Carrera 11 No. 69-26): This is the place that we recommend, only three blocks away. It has a daily menu and a lot of no-meat alternatives.

Luna Dorada Restaurant (Carrera 9 #70-55): One of the most recognizable vegetarian restaurants, you can also find a candel, and crystals shop; and a vegetarian market. In the 2d floor they have spaces for yoga and meditation classes.

 Chez Pierre Restaurant(Carrera 10 #64-27): Very inexpensive macrobiotic and 100% vegetarian food, also a small vegetarian store.

Happy Yoga (Cra. 9 No.70-29 ): A kundalini Yoga center, less than 4 blocks away form Kozii.

Lourdes Square: The traditional square of the neighborhood, is full with activities, restaurants, cafes, stores and live shows. Also check the Lourdes Church, a replica form the original Our Lady of Lourdes Church.

Supermarkets: A few blocks away you can find two Carulla supermarkets: 3 blocks to the northwest, (Calle 70A with 10A) and 7 blocks to the southeast (7th street with 63).

Avenida Chile: In “Calle 72″ between 14 and 5. A main avenue where you’ll find banks, drugstores, supermarkets, restaurants and other kinds of stores. Also, on 11th Street, The Porciúncula church one of the architectonic landmarks of the area, and the Avenida Chile Mall where you find all kind of stores, Movie theaters, and a food court.

Another close-by interesting areas

Usaquén Square: all around Usaquen traditional turn of the century houses have been refurbished as restaurants and bars. In the square you’ll find one of the most ancient meeting places in Bogotá, with prehispanic roots. On sundays and holidays you can find a traditional flea market several blocks wide, perfect to find local handicrafts, curious objects and antiques. The easiest way to get there is taking a bus north on 7th Street and getting off on Santa Barbara’s Mall.

El Virrey Park : An ecologic corridor, that extends over 20 blocks wide, is the perfect place to go jogging, cycling, training or meditating. A natural park that surrounds the Virrey quebrada. You can get there taking Transmilenio on “Flores” Station (67th Street) to El Virrey Station. It should take you less than 10 minutes.