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Bogotá is the capital city, and one of the biggest city in the continent. It offers a wide variety of entertainment and cultural experiences for all kinds of tastes and budgets. Bogotá is a meeting point of all the cultural traditions of the country, so you’ll find all kinds of foods, rhythms and customs. Here are some of the essential tourist possibilities:

#1 Cultural Tourism

#2 Natural Tourism

  • Wetlands. One of the main ecosystems in the sabana. Bogotá has over 14 wetlands that surround the city and are its main source of flora, fauna and water.
  • Natural Parks: Colombia has over 56 protected natural park areas from snow-covered mountains to rainforests. Near Bogotá you can find  Chingaza Natural Park, Entre Nubes Natural Park or Chicaque Natural Park.
  • Other ecologic plans: Visit the Sumapaz Paramo, the water reservoirs of Sisga, Tominé, Neusa and Guavio, hike through the capital hills or have a morning of clean air and exercise in the Simon Bolivar Park.

#3 Shopping

  • Near Kozii you find malls with some of the most exclusive stores in Bogotá: AndinoEl RetiroAtlantisAvenida Chile.
  • Corferias: This is a trade fairs space that offers all year round thematic fairs like Expoartesanías or the International Book Fair of Bogotá.
  • Flea Markets Sundays and holidays: In Usaquén square and downtown (7th Street with 24)

#4 Food and Nightlife

  • C Zone in La Candelaria
  • T Zone around calle 82 with carrera 13
  • G Zone between calles 65 – 70 and carreras 6 – 5
  • M Zone in La Macarena
  • Gastronomic Zone in Usaquén
  • Gastronomic Zone in 93 park
  • Going to La Calera a town 5 miles from Bogotá.
#5 Touristic Routes

Created by the Tourim office in Bogotá, so you can enjoy a whole zone in short time.

Bozque Izquierdo – La Candelaria – Cementerio Central
Humedal La Conejera – Jardín Botánico – Parque La Florida
Niza  Humedal Córdoba – Park Way – Parque el Virrey
Santa Fe – Nieves – Santa María del Lago – Usaquén

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