About us

Kozii Hostel D.C. is a very comfortable and surprisingly inexpensive hostel in a traditional Bogotá house, remodeled thinking to create a great atmosphere that combines the rustic with the modern.

Located in Quinta Camacho, one of the most traditional and active zones of Bogotá, is the first in a chain of hostels envisioned around the concepts of great restored architecture, green awareness, fair prices and more relaxed and mindful activities.

The hostel is located less than 5 blocks away from the main streets that connnect north and south of the city: Avenida Caracas and 7th Street, and is surrounded by many of the best gourmet restaurants and bars in Bogotá (Don’t worry there’s something for any budget.)

Great location

It’s the best place to begin exploring the sights, flavors and sounds of Bogotá. Less than 20 minutes from:

  • La Candelaria (Downtown).
  • The airport.
  • Usaquén.
  • Main access roads in Bogotá: 7th Street, Avenida Caracas, Avenida Chile, 26th Street.
  • 5 minutes to Transmilenio on foot.
  • 10 minutes to Zone T, restaurants and entertainment Zone.
  • 5 minutes to Zone G Restaurants and entertainment Zone.

It  really is the best strategic place to start exploring the city.

How to arrive to Kozii D.C

The house and surroundings

Lovely Refurbished Facilities, in a traditional house with all the modern comforts and a peaceful atmosphere. Our goal is for you to feel in a place you can inhabit your own way. Check Our Facilities.

What about the neighborhood?

Quinta Camacho is both a traditional residential and commercial neighborhood where you’ll find groceries stores, supermarkets, parks, shopping malls and access to the main highways that go across the city, but it also has the look and feel of a traditional Bogotá neighborhood.


Cultural Inmersion

Our staff is eager to give you  insider information to start understanding the rich Colombian culture, and to plan with you the best possible activities, so you can go to your next journey, having lived the real Bogotá experience.