Ecofriendly Facilities

We refurbished a  traditional 3 story house, we kept the homely atmosphere and added design and comfort.

It has 6 rooms on all the floors, some of them private and some shared, with bunkbeds for backpackers that are on a tight budget.  A lot of bathroom facilities for boys and girls, common areas like the beautiful terrace where you can watch the sunset with a beer in your hand; and the open kitchen where you can cook your own meals as if you were at home.

The Common Areas

Here you’ll find the tv room, the internet room, frontdesk, coffee station, library, lockers and everything you need.

The Kitchen and Backyard

This fully equipped open kitchen has a open counter bar right in the backyard if you want to eat outside.

The Terrace

The Restrooms

We installed plenty of bathroom and shower facilities: One on the first floor, another on the second and two private bathrooms.